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Al Hidayah International School is the best, top Islamic, Urdu, CBSE, Primary schools with Good Quality Tuition in Bhadauni, Nawada

About Al - Hidayah International School

We at AHIS explore innovative way of improving student's academic progress and enhancing their moral value. We believe that integrating modern theories in teaching and learning with practice will make our teaching practices more meaningful. An effective way of making our teaching practices meaningful is to provide an environment in which students can develop a positive self-concept that will enable them to become self confident and develop positive value.

We at AHIS value the importance of the parents role in improving their children's academic achievement and personal growth. All parents want their children to become successful and caring adults. Therefore, we encourage you to work with our hardworking staff as we set and achieve the very best for each and every one of our students. According to research finding, the children of parents who participate in school activities tend to achieve higher marks in test and develop positive experience at school. Some benefits that have been identified that measure parental involvement in education includes : higher test scores, long-term academic achievements, positive attitudes and improved behavior. Together we could help our students gain the above benefits and become productive members of society.

We finally ask Allah (SWT) to bless our efforts in striving to allow SIS to provide "Quality Education & Personal Excellence" for our students for many generations to come Insha Allah.

Our vision

AHIS upholds the tradition of great respect for knowledge and an open spirit of inquiry. The rich vein of excellence in learning within the heritage is the foundation of the rigorous academic program which is intended to serve the need of the modern world without sacrificing moral and spiritual values.


Our Mission

Facility of Al - Hidayah International School

  • Well-equipped classroom to facilitate students learning, comfort & concentration (AC during Summer days)
  • Medical check-up by repute pediatricians
  • Modern information and computer facilities for children.
  • Transport Facility for children, if require
  • Arrangements to comps during summer & winter
  • Indoor and outdoor games available for students
  • Approximately 25 students per class, to provide individual care and attention to students.
  • Child psychologist for Counseling and assessment of the children.
  • Regular physical fitness training for children.
  • Conveniently located in the Central Part of the City.
  • Provision for filtered and cool water
  • Hobby classes for craft and multi purposes activities.

Admission information

Child who seek admission in the school must be accompanied by the parents or guardian who shall be responsible for their fees and regular attendance and good conduct.

Admission form should be filled with almost accuracy and must be accompanied with the following documents.

1. Photo copies of the following are required, Original of which should be brought by the parents at the time of interview
a) Birth Certificate of the child b) Ration Card c) All the school Reports / Mark sheets of the previous school attended.
2. Three recent passport size colors photographs of the students, (clicked in the last 3 months), including the one pasted on the admission form.
3. One Recent 4x6 on 5x7 size photograph (Clicked in the last 3 months) of the students along with his/her complete family including fathers, mother, sister, brother.
4. Visiting Card's of parents if any.
5. Incomplete form are liable to be rejected.
6. Uniform Available from School.
7. Admission fees is not refundable.


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Organization Name Al - Hidayah International School
Address Bhadauni, Near Sultan Peer Devi Sthan,
Bhadauni Nawada-805110, Bihar
Contact Person Md.Sameer Malik
Contact No 7070759616
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Language English , Hindi
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