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बिहार में पहली बार 

आइए अंग्रजी बोलें (Digital Technique) के साथ 

  • Addmission Test दें और 100% तक की छूट पिएँ |
  • आर्थिक रूप से कमजोर छात्र -छात्राओ के लिए निःशुल्क |
  • छात्राओ के लिए विशेष छूट |
  • 100th & 10th Passout ke liye विशेष छूट |


आइए मिलकर दूर करें English की समस्या को 

                         Join us now ! 


We know the problems and glitches faced by students while speaking english. We are here to provide solution and to help you with.

Globalization is at its farthest end and the role of communication is becoming the armour to meet the challenges at the global level so English is one which is being spoken and understood all across the globe so we provide innovative english speaking training modules to make every students capable to speak english. We have great skilled and proficient english trainner who will provide students with easy and fast way to learn and speak english.


We are a team of young, enthusiastic and ambitious members having only one social enterpreneurial aim to make all possible students able to comminicate in english language and guide them to make their future bright perspective of their willingness and talent. our all efforts are just for all dedicated students who want to speak english and make them stands with high up long faces.


We provide english speaking training with extraordinary innovative training module and complete career guidance. We only want all students become able to speak english confidently. English is a global language which is being communicted all across the world. We are here to help you at every corners. so just get into this company with us and make yourself professionaly strong.


Genuinely, we all members of KENSHIRE are highly dedicated and emotionally rejuvenated towards making each and every kind of people efficient to speak english and ready at professional level irrespective of their status and belonging. We count on our confidence on this social state for making people linguistic and now its yours turn to count on us if you are ready to become professionally strong.



We respect the enthusiasm and freak towards learning English.

KENSHIRE brings FERVOUR-25 SCHEME for students of Bihar.

  1. Fervor-25 selects top 25 enthusiastic students who all are eager to change their life with giving an edge of English learning
  2. Fervor-25 conducts selection procedure for every school
  3. Top student from fervor-25 gets 100% scholarship for English language training
  4. Rest 24 students get 50% scholarship as a reward
  5. Fervor-25 students get a lifetime enrollment id of KENSHIRE
  6. Fervor-25 students can get English training for lifetime at any branch of KENSHIRE without paying fee again


So be ready to become a part of fervor-25 and


Facility of Kenshire English Institute

 For 12th english

New batches  For 12th board in Engljsh batches (comming soon) for B.S.E.B. &  C.B.S.E.

INTERVIEW TRAINING : - We provide effective interview trining for various exams. you can get into for short and long term training module which suits you best.

GROUP DISCUSSION :-  As various competitions have group discussion to check leadership quality,so here we have classes specialy for group discussion.

PDP TRAINING :- We have special and quality personality development trainer to help you with variety of methodology to nourish your personality and your future.

CAREER GUIDANCE :- we hold your fingers to make you reach at the destination what your talent and desire waiting for,here we provide complete career guidance to students.

Our Facility

  1.  Smart Classroom 
  2. Audio Visual Classes
  3. Wifi - Facilities
  4. British & American accent training
  5. Job Training & Business Communication
  6. Life time validity card (LVC)



These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguish having trouble while communicating in english language ,facing problem during GD or interviews or any problem related with your career. not to worry anymore,we are here to help you with every possible solution.

  • hesitation problem ?
  • feeling not confident ?
  • mothertongue influenced ?
  • accent problem ?
  • financial problem ?
  • career problem ?



TIER-I :- tier-I facilitates the foundation of skills and personality development which include attributes to development of abc of english speaking.

TIER-II :- tier-II focuses on the vocabulary stocking and methodology to use it to make effective sentence includes minor english speaking practice.

TIER-III :- tier-III includes major practices for english speaking like for group discussion and interview covers all aspects of english speaking.

TIER-IV :- It is the last stage of learning .our personality development trainer trains you to become different kind of personality at professional level.

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A ultimate nd extra ordinary training in PD.


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