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Gyan Sagar Public School N.C to X th CBSE English Medium school

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Wel-com to ''Gyan Sagar  Public School'' Dev - Nagar Pabheri More Patna
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Gyan Sagar Public School Dev - Nagar Pabheri More - Dhanarua Patna Bihar
It is situated north - west side of patna - Gaya near B. S. N. L Tower Pabheri More, is the outcome of a long standing wish of the people of the locality based on solid and well thought planning of some of the renewal schelars and education of Bihar State with objects to provide a sound modern quality education and also personality development of students that is must prepare them fir future. Our prime ficus for all around development of students i. e body, mind and hunanities that creats an effetive active, self development successful and ideal citizen of the nation.

Gyan Sagar Public School  (G.S.P.S) is provided basis formal education. Since 13th January 2010 in Pabheri More.

School need a active management to serve the School and Socity.

Therefore in year 2010 " Samarat International Foudation " a education trust act 1953 and having registration no.PT.85061 , Taken the responssibility to promote education system.

Gyan Sagar Public School is now managed & organised by Samrat International Foundation under the leadership of shri Pramod Kumar with great vision and mission. we therefore, adopet the system of education based on C.B.S.E pattern to be suitable to accept  the challenges of the mordern  conditions of the life. These objectives will be achieved with the cooperation of the management, the patents and concerted efforts of the staff and students of the school.



Facility of Gyan Sagar Public School

G.S.P.S provide  free of cost school free dress, education, food only fir 5 orphan student in a year.This school also choose 10 poor students by starting gate in year and after selection that competition. Gyan Sagar Public School provides free education, free of cost whole ten qualified students. This ethic is individual Principles of Founder Gyan Sagar Public School Mr. Pramod Kumar.

हमारी विशेषताए :-

बच्चो को लाने - ले जाने के लिए गारी की सुविधा |

आवासीय बच्चो को रख रखाव की उचित व्यवस्था |

गरीब एवं निर्धन बच्चो के लिए विशेष सुविधा |

साप्ताहिक जाँच की व्यवस्था |

नवोदय , नेतरहाट , सैनिक स्कूल की तैयारी अनुभवी शिक्षको के द्वारा कराई जाती है |

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Organization Name Gyan Sagar Public School
Address Vill+Post - Pabharji More,
Dhanarua Patna-804451, Bihar
Contact Person Pramod Kumar
Contact No 9852615649
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